Envision if you will, driving a winding mountain road at twilight and your concentration is broken by the appearance of a stunning, red-haired woman in 1800’s attire. Intrigued, you brake instantly and check the mirrors to see... nothing. She has disappeared.

Was it an apparition, a trick of 
light, or a disparaging soul? Luann Reynolds experienced just that. Whatever it was, Luann made a connection, the
flood gates opened and she channels the woman’s life experiences. She began to write and five books later, hasn’t stopped.The series encompasses some of our country's greatest events and spans a century.



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

I'm so excited ... heading out to spend some time with this amazing intuitive author and fabulous friend, Luann Reynolds. How blessed are we to have such a genuine intuitive channeler to share her work in story form for the world to enjoy.
Watch for her workshops when they come available!

Coral Thorsen 
Master educator, respected healing facilitator. Owner of Spirit of the Mountains Retreat.

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