During time as an intuitive designer, Luann was owner of two business, The Fifth Estate, a building and design group, and Signature Fine Art and Accessories Gallery.  Here she dealt with residential and commercial design, finding quite a unique niche in the design of funeral homes.  As an open channel, she listened to the individuals and groups from the other side, as well as the paying clients hiring her, to best create rooms of final honoring, meeting the needs of both sides. This changed the entire concept of funeral visitation rooms, from somber, drab and dark to places themed of life.


Throughout her many life experiences, Luann has learned to listen to and trust her inner voice, knowing it will guide her authentically. In her words, “This is where faith and action come together.”  This inner voice direction has led Luann to writing, allowing the creation of another media of communication and expansion of lessons. With many books published and more in the works, she continues to share and expand, opening doors of new worlds for others to enter.


Luann Reynolds, "The Intuitive Novelist" has learned to listen and honor her inner voice and the higher guidance she receives. Through her messages, she reminds us that circumstances contribute to fate, yet actions determine our destiny. It is the combination of life chances and choices, along with our own motivation and listening, that allow expansion and joyful experiences to bloom.


Currently residing in Florida’s panhandle, Luann has lived throughout the United States: Michigan, New England, south Georgia, southwest Florida, and Colorado. It was during her time in Durango, Colorado’s Rocky Mountains that her novels were born. Wife, mother and grandmother, Luann makes her family proud as she follows her special calling and continues to weave her intuitive nature, now in the form of intuitive authoring.


Luann spent formative years as owner of Arts Within, a wellness, learning and intuitive center in Sarasota, Florida.
There she interfaced with holistic practitioners, intuitives and those on a path to higher consciousness, guiding many on their way. Like ripples on a pond, the effect of this experience continues to grow nationally.



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