A saga of romance, adventure, tragedy, and triumph.
Stories intuitively told and presented in this series of books based on facts that will keep you wanting to read more.

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Between Two Hearts                      ISBN-978-0-9858961-4-0

The second book in the series Let The Wildflower Bloom, brings forth a stunning blue-eyes beauty, a proud and resourceful young woman of eighteen years, as she makes choices to survive in a western boomtown, Durango, Colorado, in the 1890's while the price of silver collapses. She becomes a scarlet lady at the Good Hour bordello. Victoria Alexandra Highland is her name. They call her Vicky at the bordello and Alex outside its walls. She meets two unforgettable men. Mac McClellan and J.W. Reynolds, and falls in love. Decisions she makes drive her to ambitious excursions and her life's transformation is unpredictable. She learns early on that life can change within one breath.This book series, Let The Wildflowers Bloom, was born from an experience in Colorado while driving home from work. Luann Reynolds glanced over at the side of the road and sighted a woman in 1800's attire. Looking back again, the figure had disappeared but left Luann with a flow of information and driven to write. After five books, she is still writing.


Soul Pebbles                                      ISBN-978-0-9858961-2-6

Sarah Margaret Mathieson, a “Southern Belle”, is at age sixteen forced to become self-reliant. Her life changes drastically from the affluent politeness of southern family culture to the shocking crudeness of death, destruction and mayhem of 1862 Savannah, Georgia. Her true love, a young Confederate soldier, disappears while a barrage of Union cannon fire claims the lives of her parents. Grief-stricken and forlorn, she sacrifices love for security by marrying an older man, who moves them to Chicago to raise a family, and then on to Colorado. Traveling, they experience the raw, crude, unsettled lawless territories of the west. Her un-daunting character triumphs as she faces the challenge to balance her desire with her obligations. After two decades, she’s never stopped longing for her beloved Savannah but fate has another door for her to open. It is a story of true love broken, passionate dreams dismantled and life-threatening events that prove her mettle.


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Ride Like The Wind                          ISBN-978-0-9911906-8-3

The fifth book of the series "Let The Wildflowers Bloom". The heroine, Victoria Alexandra Highland, receives enlightening information from her dead mother, Sarah Margaret Mathieson, which ignites a journey west for Edwin Morgan and Inspector Southerland, hunting the slayer Frances Highland. Lorenzo Dow Parrish is hired to keep a watchful eye on Alex. Time with Lorenzo initiates a new facet of her character. The men that love Alexandra, Mac and J.W. continue to be center stage in her life and she commits herself to one man, hoping to build a new life together, away from the Good Hour brothel and focused on love. A personal mishap causes her heartbreak. Alex is drawn into a volatile situation at the brothel. Her actions make it necessary to "Ride Like The Wind."


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Diamonds or Dust                          ISBN-978-0-9858961-8-8

Victoria Alexandra Highland loves two men, J.W. Reynolds and Mac McClellan. One has proposed and one she wishes would. With both, she experiences bonds of desire. With J.W. out of town, McClellan joins her for Thanksgiving. Sleigh rides, slow dancing and hot searing nights clarifies the difference between love and in love.Madam Grace Talbot needs to take leave of the Good Hour Brothel and entrusts Vicky to manage the business. During her stay, there’s a series of dramatic events, including murder.Vicky travels to Denver for her brother John’s wedding and spends Christmas with her family.Just when she thinks the Marshal McClellan may be in her, the unexpected beauty named Elizabeth VanBuren arrives on scene. When things begin to settle down, Phillip Bouvie’, McClellan’s brother-in-law, escorts Victoria to Durango, where New Year’s Eve brings another surprise.Meanwhile, Inspector Hugo Southerland continues the hunt for Dr. France Highland. Victoria takes possession of the brass box, the key to Dr. France Highland and James Brody nefarious secrets.



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Highland's Secrets                          ISBN-978-0-9858961-6-4

Inspector Hugo Sutherland makes a surprise visit just as Alexandra is leaving on the train to Baltimore for Rebecca’s wedding. He divulges shocking news of her supposed late father and she becomes the messenger to disclose her father’s secrets to John, Rebecca and family. When visiting the Reynolds Plantation in S.C. Alex’s curiosity gets the better of her and she enters a forbidden, locked room and confronts the ghost of the late Brenda Connor Reynolds. Riding the high seas to the Island of Bimini in the Bahamas aboard her uncle’s ship the Spice Queen, Alex finds out the sea is in her blood and explores the tropics with the handsome and passionate J.W. Reynolds. Is he the cool and collected bachelor that she think he is or does he fall in love with the blonde, sensual beauty he knows as Vicky?



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Highland Rum                          ISBN-978-0991190690


Highland Rum is the sixth book in the series Let The Wildflowers Bloom - a tale spanning a quarter of the world with betrayal, greed, lost-and-found love, murder and deceit.

In Mexico, two thousand miles from Colorado, the Vandores (friends of Mac McClellan’s) provide refuge for J.W., Grace and Victoria (a.k.a. Alexandra). Participating in “The Day of the Dead” ritual reveals secrets.

Passion runs deep, bringing Victoria to a bed of roses and pillow talk causes mayhem, summoning the Pinkertons to Mexico. The dead are useful for a diversion. Victoria and Grace steam to Cuba. Victoria’s well-being is saved by a dear friend from home. Grace falls in love with Cuba and is presented with a business opportunity to be a partner in a brothel. Funds are a problem for the partners so Victoria decides to try her luck at the gaming tables to help Grace.

Victoria longs for stability while waiting for Mac. J.W. becomes more than a caring “chaperon.” Alexandra desires to leave Cuba, but is it the right thing to do? Her plans of sailing to Bimini bring hope to reconnect with loved ones, but something painfully dark unfolds.

In Bimini, Alexandra is faced with the unexpected and truth is not what she always wants to hear. An unforeseen opportunity arises and could change everything. Is the adage hope springs eternal, true?