Luann Reynolds, "The Intuitive Novelist" has more to offer
than just her engaging books.

Everyone wants to teach on their credentials.
They want to be one up on the playing field.
Truth is, everyone already has it.
All you need to do is refine perceptions
and put them to use.



Intuitive Writing Workshops
As Luann shares her personal experiences, she will guide you in discovering techniques, attuning your senses and essentially, learning to listen to your “inner voice,”

The workshops are about breaking rules in writing... Luann is a connector for seekers, interested in expanding and sharpening creativity on all levels.


Let go, have fun, write effortlessly, with passion...
the possibilities are limitless!


Personalized Guidance 
Private Readings:
$30 mins $90
$60 mins  $150

Private Readings includes a before meeting “tuning in” and writings of personal messages for the person receiving the session.



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